Monday, May 31, 2010

The House of Luck

I haven't seen the new Sex and the City movie yet because I've read some not so great reviews. I am curious to finally see the fashions and interiors but so much that I feel like giving up two hours of my life just yet. I'm surprised at how much attention has been given to the fact that they shot the movie in Morocco for two months which was used as a stand in for Abu Dhabi. What would have been more interesting is if part of the film actually took place in Morocco and more specifically, in Tangiers, at the former home of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, seen here. It was decorated by the illustrious interior designer Jacques Grange and was for sale last year and might possibly still be available. I can't find any record of it being sold. Perhaps Carrie and the girls could have rented it while getting away from their lives in New York or used it as a pit stop on their way to visit Christian Louboutin on his houseboat on the Nile. Couldn't be any worse than them wearing harem pants in the desert and falling off camels. The house also happens to be named Villa Mabrouka which means House of Luck. Sounds like they could have used some. Enjoy!

Photos by Ivan Terestchenko and Christie’s Great Estates

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful long weekend!

Photos by Pamela Hansen

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bleu et Blanc

I'm heading out to the Hamptons again this weekend and wish I was staying at a house this chic! There is nothing that says beach house or summer more than blue and white. This one happens to have been designed by my uber talented interior design friend David Lawrence. It was also featured on the cover and inside the June 2009 issue of House Beautiful. I told you that he was talented! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pool Party

It was a scorcher in New York today with temperatures reaching into the 90's and all I could think about was jumping into a nice cold pool. Since that isn't possible, I'm going to stare at these chic pools and see if that helps cool me down. If not, I might have to settle for a cold shower. Enjoy!

Schifter Residence

Ralph Lauren

Douglas Friedman

Douglas Friedman

Kate Walsh Residence

Slim Aarons

Hollywood Homes

Pamela Hansen

Cuomo Residence

Patrick Demarchelier

Kelly Wearstler

Slim Aarons

Thomas Loof

"Sink or Swim." - Shakespeare