Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ready for Take Off

I'm almost ready to leave for the airport and I wanted to thank everyone who sent all their great recommendations for Paris! I have no idea how many of them we will actually be able to see or do but I appreciate you all sending them to us!

Christian May of Maison21 has been gracious enough to blog sit for me while I am gone. I have prewritten a few posts that will publish while I am away. So if I have spelled anything wrong or if you smell smoke or notice burglars casing the place, contact Christian! I thought about asking people to guest post but my blog is my baby and I just couldn't do it. It's bad enough that I had to hand over the keys to Christian. I have a feeling he's going to redecorate while I am gone! He's been dying to redesign my blog header for ages!

I had someone leave a not so nice comment last night that I was making too big a deal about my trip and that people go to Paris everyday. Well, I am excited and why wouldn't I be. It's Paris! I also didn't take a vacation last year so I am mostly excited to just be getting away. I look forward to recharging my batteries and being inspired at every turn! I also am excited that I get to share this trip with Stefan of Architect Design, Mercedes and Alberto of Etos, George and Jon of Flair, Monelle of Williams-Sonoma Home, and Gabriella of Sarlo. I will even be meeting up with an old colleague who moved to Paris. I also know that many of my readers for physical, financial or other reasons will never get to enjoy Paris in person and I will be enjoying this trip as much for them as I will for myself. There are a lot of people just as excited about this trip as I am and I can't wait to recap our adventures next week!

If you are bored while I am away, then I suggest heading over to Maison21 for decorating advice with a sense of humor, Scented Glossy Magazines for hilarious reality TV roundups, Studio Annetta for glamorous interiors and the Neo-traditionalist for a little bit of everything! I might also Twitter so you can check out what we are doing in Paris in real time. Oh, and while you're at it, can you keep your fingers crossed for me that I get to sit next to a cute single guy and not a screaming baby! Merci!

Photos by Miles Aldridge

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