Monday, July 26, 2010

A good thing never ends.

July 26th is the birthday of Sir Michael Philip Jagger. I like to remember certain rock stars in heyday of their youth. These photos of Mick in the 1960's and 70's are as classic as his quotes. In the words of Mick, "a good thing never ends." Rock on Mick!

"People get very thoughtful when they are in cars. I no longer care for cars. I don't collect them."

"My secrets must be poetic to be believable."

"Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind."

"People think they know you. They know the things about you that you have forgotten."

"The past is a great place and I don't want to erase it or to regret it, but I don't want to be its prisoner either."

"I have never wanted to give up performing on stage, but one day the tours will be over."

"You wake up in the morning and you look at your old spoon, and you say to yourself, 'Mick, it's time to get yourself a new spoon.' And you do."

"Thank you for leaving us alone but giving us enough attention to boost our egos."

"A lot of times songs are very much of a moment, that you just encapsulate. They come to you, you write them, you feel good that day, or bad that day."

"I haven't had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven't left it."

"I can't get no satisfaction."

"The elusive nature of love... it can be such a fleeting thing. You see it there and it's just fluttering and it's gone."

"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing."

"People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. They want you to, because otherwise their youth goes with you. It's very selfish, but it's understandable."

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