Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bill Cunningham New York

The New York Times Style photographer Bill Cunningham is a living legend.  Seeing him on the street or at fashion shows will never cease to excite the fashion flock.  He once took my picture on Fifth Avenue and even though it never made it into the paper, it was still a thrilling moment.   He reminds me of Jeremiah Goodman in that he continues to pursue his lifelong passion at 80.  I'm sure it keeps him young.  It also seems fitting that the new documentary about him is entitled Bill Cunningham New York because he is New York.  The film is the first feature by director Richard Press and it has already won the audience award for best documentary award at the Melbourne International Film Festival. I'm not sure when Bill Cunningham New York will be in the theatres but I'll keep you posted.  Anna Wintour once said, "we all get dressed for Bill." I will definitely continue to dress for Bill in the hopes of catching his eye.  But if I don't, I will be just as excited to catch a glimpse of him.

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