Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Lover...

My friends and I immediately fell in love with this orange Swedish Grace period Greek key and gilt bed in the H.M. Luther booth at The International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show last Friday.  If we could have afforded it, I'm sure we would have all fought over it.  It's perfection.  It was made around 1929 by Axel Einar Hjorth for Nordiska Kompanient.  Apparently Axel was a leading Swedish designer in the first half of the 20th-century.  The H.M. Luther website states that "his pieces of furniture for the Nordiska Kompanient were characterized by craftsmanship of high quality and advanced combinations of material. The furniture was manufactured for a financially strong clientele with modern demands."  I'd mix it in a room with abstract art, 18th-century French chairs, and 1970's bedside tables.  What would you do with it? 

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