Friday, November 26, 2010

At Home in Rome

When I first found the image of Cy Twombly's bedroom in Rome, I was hoping that I could find photos of the rest of his home.  Some continued sleuthing has unearthed them and they were definitely worth the search.  They were taken by Horst P. Horst in 1966 and most appeared in Vogue's Book of Houses, Gardens, People published in 1968.  I've also included two photos taken during a photo shoot for Vogue magazine from 1968.  One of the models looks to be Marisa Berenson.  The interiors are probably the most drop dead gorgeous that I have ever seen.  The antique furniture including Egyptian revival period pieces mixed with the graphic floors and Twombly art is pure perfection.  One of my dreams is to meet Cy Twombly, preferably at this home, but just looking at these photos makes me feel as if I already know him.

Photos by Horst P. Horst via Mondo Blogo

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