Monday, December 6, 2010

Rock Star Decor

Rock star Lenny Kravitz doesn't just decorate his own homes, he actually created his own design firm, Kravitz Design. I know some readers will find this ridiculous but some creative types are creative across many different mediums.  He's designed many of his own homes but it's this chic and sexy townhouse in the 16th Arronsissment in Paris that  takes the gâteau.  He calls is a mix of "Miles Davis, Yves Saint Laurent, and Helmet Newton." Every piece is the best of the best but the decor also leaves room for the eye to rest.  I also think it's kind of fun that rockers like Lenny and Bryan Ferry who might have been smashing up the decor in hotel rooms are now designing drool worthy homes.  The times they are a changin'.


Photos from New York Times and French AD

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