Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jenna Lyons Home: The Complete View

I don't mind when different magazine's publish the same home if they reshoot it and use different photos. I love seeing the changes a homeowner may have made and also with different styling. It's fun to see rooms or areas that one magazine left out but another decided to shoot. So that's why I was excited to see Jenna Lyon's Brooklyn brownstone on the cover and featured in the September 2009 issue of Livingetc from the UK. I'm sure you all remember that Jenn's home was also on the cover and featured in the November 2008 issue of Domino. Melanie Acevedo shot the home for both magazines and one of the cute things you'll notice is that Jenna's son Beckett has grown from baby to a toddler in the Livingetc photos! I also found some photos on the Levenson McDavid Architects website. I think the combination of all the photos gives you a really good look inside this fashionable abode! Enjoy!

A romantic shot of Jenna and her husband in the entry that appeared in Domino.

In the Livingetc photo Jenna mentions that the entry is painted in Off Black oil eggshell by Farrow & Ball. I love all the tiny little shoes lined up! So cute!

The architect's photo of the living room gives you a full look at the room and all the way to the back.

The living room as styled and shot for Domino. Love the pale grey walls and accents of black and yellow! In reality, the zebra rug is not layered on top of the other area rug.

While the photo in Livingetc is correct, it was flipped for the cover. A painting on the wall was also removed for the text. Wonder if she's wearing the Essie for JCrew polish on her toes!

The architect's view of the dining area. Now you know why magazines shoot tight shots or crop them!

The dining room as shot for Domino. Love the car by Playsam!

If you've seen the house tour video that Jenna and her husband gave to Domino, this is the correct layout of the dining room. I love everything about this room. It's so interesting and personal.

Here you can see how the room was styled for the shot that made it into Livingetc. You can see the photo was flipped. That sometimes happens because I photo looks better that way or works better with the fold.

The Livingetc shoot was styled by Lili Diallo who we all remember from Domino. Love her!

The architects shot of the kitchen is a little cold.

You can see how styling and flowers warm it up in the Domino shot.

Jenna was shot in the kitchen for Livingetc. Love her green top too!

In Livingetc magazine article, the kitchen farmhouse table is shot with Jenna's husband Vincent Mazeau and their son Beckett. The online photo is just the table.

A cute little dinosaur vignette on the kitchen table.

The architect's view of the bay window.

The bay window in one of the online shots from Domino. I love that they kept the chairs very natural.

This shot of Jenna and her son appeared in Domino. Melanie Acevedo took a lot of sweet family shots!

I think Livingetc flipped this shot too since now the table is on the left! But the flowering trees look pretty outside the window!

The view of the backyard with the flowering dogwood tree is my absolute favorite shot from Livingetc! It's so beautiful!

The architect's view of the bedroom makes the walls look grey but it's really black chalkboard paint. You get a good view of the Serge Mouille light fixture though!

For one of the domino shots, they added a headboard and left the linens plain white.

A cute shot of Beckett playing on the bed!

A close up of the styled mantle.

The room as seen on the cover of Domino now with Olatz linens!

A different shot had Jenna standing instead of sitting.

I love the artwork that was seen in the Livingetc shot.

In the architect's shot, you see the toilet. Not usually something that magazines tend to publish unless it's a specific story on bathrooms.

The bathroom as seen in Domino that made everyone want a black bathroom with brass fixtures!

In Livingetc you get to see that the bathroom is en suite. I personally would prefer but the floorplan shows another bathroom in the dressing room where you could go for some privacy.

Everyone also loved the dressing room with the French settee. A entire room devoted to your wardrobe is everyone's dream!

In Livingetc the settee is replaced by a dresser or two. Hard to tell. Wonder which one is usually there.

In Domino, Beckett was still sleeping in a crib.

In Livingetc he graduated to a big boy bed!

There also seems to be another bedroom on the floorplan and a basement. Wonder what those look like! I guess we'll have to wait until another magazine shoots Jenna's fabulous home! Kind of makes me want to move to Brooklyn...but only for a minute! Bon Weekend!

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