Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscars Greenroom

Michael Smith must no longer be busy decorating the White House. He found time to design the official Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. The room was inspired by a 1940's library and even included Mr. Smith's own books. Since the Greenroom is the place where celebrities wait before going on stage, he thought that a library would be most relaxing.  If you watched the show, it seemed like all the stars were really relaxed so it must have worked. 

"It's terrifying to have to stand up in front of millions of people live," said Mr. Smith. "The most that you're going to spend in here is 15 minutes but I thought, everyone is comfortable in a library, right? It'll be a quiet place to collect your thoughts." 

“Having lived in California my whole life, I have always been thrilled by the movies, and the design and architecture that surround them,” says Smith. “I am always inspired by film. It is an honor to participate in the most prestigious of all Hollywood events.”
Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

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